Rare Painted Egyptian Mummy Cartonnage Fragment Circa 750-850 BC.


A rare and wonderful painted Egyptain cartonnage fragment. Circa 750-850 BC 

(Third Intermediate). The large fragment most certainly from the collar area is painted with the feather design and retaining its original earth pigment polychrome colours.

The fragment consists of plaster and layers of linen with remnants of straw being used to help strengthen the concave structure. 

Mounted in a black lacquered wood glazed display case. Glazed to front, sides and top.

In excellent unrestored order. Single historic crack to top but is stable.

Case height 54cm, Width 34cm, Depth 25cm. Fragment Height 32cm, width 18cm.


Mummification preserved mortal remains in order to house the Ka, or life force of the individual, as it needed to return to the body to find sustenance. The human-shaped covering, called "cartonnage," is composed of layers of painted linen and plaster.