A impressive Large Display of Nineteen Madagascan Ammonite Fossils in Dome.


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A impressive collection of 19 natural Madagascan perisphinctes ammonite fossils. 

The large dome displaying 19 ammonites mounted on iron rods. The fossils being gently polished and still retaining good detail. All are of good size for this type, approx 100mm diameter some slightly smaller. Original 19th century hand blown glass dome on ebonised wood base.

These particular Ammonite fossils are from the Jurassic period (165 million years old) originated from Tulear in the southern part of Madagascar, an island of the east coast of Africa. Various different species of Ammonite are found in this remote location, and the seas were once full of these molluscs. Ammonites are an extinct group of marine molluscs in the sub-class of Ammonoidea of the class Cephlapod.

Dome: Height 49cm, Width 41cm.