A Set Of Four 18th Century Botanical Engravings - Pierre Joseph François Turpin


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A set of 4 original hand coloured copper plate engravings by Pierre Joseph François Turpin

Each frame 31cm x 23.5cm.  Mounted in brushed black spooned frames


Pierre Jean François Turpin (1775, Vire – 1 May 1840) was a French botanist and illustrator. He is considered one of the greatest floral and botanical illustrators during the Napoleonic Era and afterwards. As an artist, Turpin was largely self-taught.

In 1794 he was stationed in Haiti as a member of the French Army. Here he met botanist Pierre Antoine Poiteau (1766-1854), through whom, Turpin learned botany, and in the meantime, created numerous botanical field drawings that were to become a basis of further study when the two men returned to France. In regard to their work in Haiti, they were able to describe approximately 800 species of plants. Turpin would have a working relationship with Poiteau throughout his career.