A Set Of Six Framed Danish Seed Chart Prints - Ellen Backe, Circa 1948


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A set of framed chromograph prints of seeds, beans and grasses.

ELLEN BACKE (1891-1975).  Printed 1948

These decorative prints were discovered in a Danish factory clearence, where they have sat on a shelf for the last 60 years undiscovered. 

Produced by three Danish seed merchants as educational charts.

Each mounted in distressed matte black frames 70cm x 50cm

Also available as singe wall charts in our 'Vintage Wall Chart' Category

Ellen Backe (1891-1975), who was employed at the Horticultural Department in the period 1935-58. This is where she created botanical illustrations while functioning as assistent for Anton Pedersen (1887-1978) - Professor in fruit growing at the Agricultural University 1923-57. He collected, categorised and described many different fruits, especially apples - local Danish apples as well foreign sorts used for years in Danish fruit growing. This unique collection was secured by the creation of the Pomology Department at Højbakkegaard 1956-57. This Department contains a rich collection of fruits and berries grown in Denmark. The fruit collection dates back to the establishment of the Agricultural University in 1858 at which point a small fruit section constituted part of the original gardens at Frederiksberg.