Charming 19th Century French Silk Marriage Cushion.


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Napoleon III French marriage cushion with deep buttoned bordeaux silk pad framed with gold plated pressed flower heads leaves and birds.

Traditional French Globe de Mariée displays preserved a couple's wedding souvenirs & tell the story of their wedding & life. Placed prominently in the formal dining room, it held the Bride's Crown, or Tiara, the bride & groom chose items for their personalized display:mirrors, and ormolu {gold plated} cut-outs. The number of small diamond-shaped mirrors represented the number of children the couple hoped for. Present in this piece:The Bird: The symbol of Love; Leaves: Longevity of the Marriage Union; Orange Blossom: Virginity; Roses or Daisies: Love; Diamond Shaped Mirrors: Fertility.

Wear to the silk, areas of tarnish.

Height 33cm, width 23cm