Magnificent Egg of an Aepyornis Maximus, Extinct Elephant Bird.


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An enormous egg reconstituted from large and small Aepyornis eggshell fragments that are found in the southern sands of Madagascar. In comparison, an Aepyornis egg holds a volume 8 to 12 times greater than that of an ostrich ; and represents the equivalent of 170 hen's eggs.

Dating : On site, these eggshells are dated to be around 20 000 years old, but they could be a bit younger or possibly older... still, definitly 'subfossils'.

Mounted on gilt stand.

Origin : South of Madagascar

Size ( egg only ) : 13 1/2 inches X 9 1/8 inches or 33.5 cm X 23 cm.

Weight ( egg only ) : 1970g

Very solid 3-5mm wall.

Biggest Egg Known to Man.
Bigger than any Dinosaurs eggs.