Set of Eight Framed Georgian Hand Coloured Botanical Engravings - W.S Curtis, London 1800-1830


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A set of Eight original hand coloured botanical copper plate engravings by William Curtis.

Each dated from 1800-1830

Each frame 39cm x 32.5cm. Mounted in excellent quality decorative gilt leaf wood frames.


Curtis lived in London and worked as a pharmacist but his interest in the natural world, particularly plants and insects, soon overtook his life. In 1777, the first volume of Flora Londnensis was available to the public. This is considered to be Curtis’s best work and it was the first all-inclusive study of the plant life of England. There were only about 300 copies of this work published in the first edition. To complete this sizable project of 432 engravings, Curtis employed several colorists whose talents varied. Artists that contributed to the work include James Sowerby, Sydenham Teak Edwards, Francis Sansom & William Kilburn