Victorian Taxidermy Hairy Armadilo 'SOLD


 Mounted as a Dumb Waiter Holding a scallop Shell in its hands. Taxidermy Dumb Waiters were very popular in Victorian Times, typically being in the form of Bears with Servings Trays etc..

Chaetophractus villosus or the big hairy armadillo is the most abundant species of armadillo in Argentina. The armadillo’s head and body are covered by protective bony plates, with its head plate being the most prominent. Along its back, flexible bands that encircle the torso allow flexibility in this otherwise stiff armor. The underside of this armadillo is densely covered in hair and this trait is how it got its common name. Long, coarse hairs also project from the bony plates, making this armadillo much hairier than other related species.


Standing 30cm high.